Hi, if there are shops out there or just anyone who can lend me some assistance: I would like to replace my snap-in wetsuit hood for this upcoming winter. My wetsuit is a 7/5MM - nice and toasty. I would like the hood to not just be a 3mm hood and I don't want a hood attached to a vest like they are selling now. So can anyone supply me with a 5mm+ wetsuit hood? If you only have lower mm hoods, perhaps my original hood was not very thick - I cannot tell to be honest. Do they even make wetsuit hoods that are thicker than 3mm? I am not in favor too much of putting liners in my hood but if they are thin, I don't mind. It's just that I think that my original hood got damaged from putting something inside the hood that forced it to stretch too much. So anyway, some time in the next couple months, I will want to get a hood, but I would love to simply buy it now so I don't have to worry later. I can keep mending my existing hood if necessary though - no problem there if it takes until winter to get this problem solved. By the way, I've already been on the phone, and to many websites - and I just cannot find anything that seems like it's made for winter. So if you can lecture me a little on wetsuit hoods, I'd appreciate it - I don't know the first thing about them other than how to take a needle and thread and some neoprene scraps and fix it for another year's winter fun! PS And I also know a golden rule of fixin' stuff: You need to match stretchiness or whatever you do will tear up in no time flat, unless you have really thin seam perhaps. So I've been there and done that when it comes to sewing stuff up.PSS I'll buy your used winter neoprene. Let me know.