Can't wait on these cat-string playing chicks that won't make the whole trek from West Africa, and I've damn near ripped the waves in the pave of EMass dry with several hour sessions on the Carver board each day. It's time to pack up a slice of the quiver, a few pairs of baggies, and some tropical wax and head out where scoring won't be a myth, legend, or focal point of forum folklore.

What do you brahs bring for provisions on trips to Central America? I'm always one to be well-prepared, although overpacking is almost as bad as underpacking. I've got a spacious carry-on for my trunks, a couple tees, maybe reef boots and sneaks and that's about it other than my checked board bag with 2 sticks. This trip will be 90-95% surfing, with the remainder being an inability to go somewhere new and third world (ES=tenth) and not have some things to see and people to do. Don't anticipate any seven-course meals at ritzy joints, so I'm leaving the sensible pants at home.

I've traveled quite a bit internationally over the last decade, but this is my first real surf trip involving aviation. What do you guys bring when you go so you have what you need but not weighed down by too much? Any and all comments are welcome. Especially those pertaining to handling the real 8-10'!