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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    There was some great dialogue on here yesterday about where to takeoff to land the barrell. I know that 9 out of 10 tubes I get in will be botched for the first day. Then I'll work my way up from there as I have with everything else. As much as I want the green room, I want to throw some buckets
    F that. Get barreled when you can. Unless you like Cape trips, you can work on "throwing buckets" (all in good fun, you're still getting the ropes, and I can tell you I have surfed a long time and I certainly don't consider my turns to be "throwing buckets") a lot more in these parts than you can work on your barrel game. Get the green room when it's there to be had, man. We don't get barreling surf on the regs, at least not the kind you could/should be seeing down there. Plus, as good as we all like to think our turns are, nothing calls the ladies to you like getting fired out of a nice deep pit. Just make sure not to claim it, or I'll hate you forever.

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    Good info on the hazmat stuff but I do find it funny that there is always a trail of annoyances left behind you that makes everyone else's day suck a little more.

    I've been on many planes and have NEVER seen a counter agent come on the plane to show pictures of confiscated items to a passenger. Why would they even do that? It just sets them up for a big argument amongst other passengers that are trying to get their stuff stowed for the flight. Not everyone would protest but there'd be plenty of PO'ed people. Not a good way to start a flight. Not to mention privacy issues involved when the 350 lb. cow sitting beside/on you gets a glimpse of wire wrapped dildos and electro-shock simulators.

    Have fun hope you catch some bombs.

    P.S. HEY TSA & NSA the bombs referred to above are waves in surfer speak not actual BOMBS. The annoying guy glued to his phone in the airport calling everyone brah is probably not a terrorist so I doubt it would be worth it to waterboard him in some clandestine prison. But, whateva suits you is fine with me

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    Yeah, thems are the breaks. Small price to pay for what's awaiting.

    I didn't mind that he came on the plane. It seemed a courtesy to let me know what was happening. He'd been very polite and accommodating during the check-in. The hold-out sex swing I brought down here for the more free spirited wahines was not in sight in said photo.

    I'm just pissed I'm out a bottle of resin while here. Got the Suncure so I'm good though.