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    Cool BREAKING: Quadruple OH waves in EMass today!!

    Call the fire department!!! Because this one's outta control! 3-4x OH!!!

    Taken as an actual screenshot at 6am from today's SI forecast for Mass:

    Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 6.04.31 AM.jpg

    And you guys thought my 8-10' was a bunch of bollocks!!!

    SI needs to change the critical wave height error to accommodate the 23' swell that's coming this afternoon here to MA. Send out the APB for everyone to ditch work and head straight for the City of Braddahly Gnar!!!

    **NOTE: It's 6:00am now. By the time you read this, SI may have corrected the error. Let's hope the error was with the wave height and not the description.

    My ability to handle this myth in the aftermath of my Post-Tropical Storm Erin Stress Disorder is that I'll be in Central America in 72 hours and eating schitt over the falls with a smile into 88 degree water
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