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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieMonster View Post
    1, 162 posts in 5 months.. thats 232 posts a month.. thats 7 posts a day.. Part of the reason I barely read these forums nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Haha, man you need some effective relaxation techniques. There is no swell in MA today. Like 0.0ft and no more (that's the actual readings on SI now). I am not on the water, nor would I ever bring a phone into the water. It was continuity of the whole thread man. 1) Stop what you're doing. 2) Seek intervention. 3) Follow everything you're told to do during said intervention by trusted, professional parties. 4) Recover from the apparent misery that pervades your current days. 5) Gain sense of humor and you'll then enjoy the lighter moments.
    This is what I mean by his passive aggressive insulting of people on this board. Will he receive an infarction...? (that's infraction for those of you paying attention to this drivel)
    Nah. But, plenty of posters on this board are getting pinged with infractions for just this sort of stuff.
    Yo, Kahuna & Kookie & Koki....emass8' will soon be the new moderator of this board. Wait & see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Brah, arty on it. There's a reason you don't see it too often. It's because I serve Big Gulps of whoop-azz to those cats before they can snake the next shoulder.

    Used to think the dude curling a 15lb dumbbell in his left while closing stock deals on the Zach Morris/Zoolander phone (yes, we've seen it since the 90s) in his right was the epitome. Now we've got creeps brandishing armored smart phones in the lineup. Good thing "there's an app for that". It's called EmassWhoopass. A quick, free download and Spicoli will keep your break clear of tan groms techs.
    Threatening people in the lineup when it just learned to surf....? The shredmachine's cousin is permitted to go wild right here, and it ain't purty.

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    The SI admin knows I appreciate this board and his work.
    E) MEET ME AT MY BREAK in roughly one hour because it will be 3-4x OH by then and I won't need to take care of you two clowns. Mother Nature will squash you with the 23'.[/QUOTE]

    What does this qualify as....?
    I'd rather have the shredmachine back if it means we have to view this sort of stuff.

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    Yeah this dude watches/reads way too much surf garbage and then spits it back at us. Shredmachine was an OG..

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    I love the scale of this too.. Yankee 5 years to post what Emass did in 5 months. Quite a smelly feat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieMonster View Post
    I love the scale of this too.. Yankee 5 years to post what Emass did in 5 months. Quite a smelly feat.
    I hear ya. I'm taking a break, K-Monster.
    My eyeballs can no longer take the emass8' tsunami of verbiage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Why would one dude's, in this case Spicoli, frequent posts keep you from this site? Just don't read his stuff.
    With the sheer number of make that useless posts, if you follow this board regularly then it's like reading a book but skipping all of the odd numbered pages.

    Mr Magoo opens forum...oh look 20 threads updated and 75 new posts...and 65 of them are drivel posted by some massh0le. Why did I even waste my time.

    I could block his posts but then I have to figure out what everyone is replying to and b!tching about. Even more annoying. Worst part is he thinks it's funny/cool but it just isn't. Bad comedians get booed off stage. What's our option?

    I'll take NJShred anyday. At least he was funny sometimes and didn't feel the need to give a rebuttal to every post that called him exactly the pr!ck he was trying to be.

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    I don't see the problem here, Emass started this thread, so why not just decide to not click the button and read / post in HIS thread? His sense of humor may be lost on some of you, which is fine, because we don't all like the same things, but it's really as simple as not clicking that button on your little mouse.

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    I'm with ya fellas. The typed word vomit takes away from my enjoyment of the forum. He never learned "Some things are better left unsaid". I find about 1 in 5 of his posts relevant/worthwhile. We know the first was gold, and maybe he was encouraged by such vigorous response early on.

    Think EMass has been barreled yet?