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    The plan is to pump sand taken from 3 to 5 miles out onto the beach. This could leave the sandbars in tact. But downtown hasn't had great sandbars after sandy. It almost really became a good high tide spot. Also hard to tell what the effect will be when we no longer have waves in the Atlantic.... Ever.
    IMO, The problem with beach fill harming sandbars has nothing to do with the distance from the beach where the sand is taken from. I've never seen a beachfill project take the site from within a mile of the shoreline, so the actual surfing sandbars are not mined for the beachfill material.

    The problem is when the beach is significantly widened, the old sandbars are buried underneath the new beach, and the water depths just offshore is WAY deeper. If the current sandbars 30 yards offshore are now 4 feet deep at mid-tide, picture the new beach sticking out into deeper water and now its 10+ feet deep 30 yards offshore. In that worst case scenario, any wave under head high is pretty much just gonna roll in and not feather until its literally within 50 feet of dry sand.

    Hopefully your project doesn't result in these conditions...many have.
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