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    Not the best, but we did have waves here the past couple of days. The full moon high tide brought a decent push this morning, and I'd say it was chest high on the bigger peaks.

    Don't worry, the waves are coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniffer View Post
    PJB my friend, the local state of surfing is highly dependent on the internet forecasts and yesterday was the perfect example of how you can score some surf all to yourself when the forecast calls for 2 foot dribble. I caught it good lastnite, sounds like you did as well. Lets keep this internet dependency thing going....

    Also, how was your trip the Island?
    AHH man, haven't gone yet. Waiting for the end of summer. Man, how sad is it that I'm planning a trip to the island? Wow, what have I become? So sad...........

    Glad you caught it last night. Ahhh, not only do I have internet misleadings to go with, but most people think my spot only works on Souths. And alot of them head over the river. But there's hundreds of yards of peaks scattered north of the jetty and the last two NE swells we got have been working pretty good there.

    Dude, there was like 6 people out yesterday morning and maybe twenty people on the beach when I left aboot 10:30. Summer? What summer? It looked like a day in October.........The beach was empty...........Allahu Akbar(God is great) !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Cep- this summer hasn't been flatter than a pancake. I really wonder aboot people on here. Anyone who knows anything should know that the east coast can have summers where it never gets bigger than 1-2' from late June through early August. This hasn't been one of them years. Not at all. Maybe there's no waves where you are because your breaks are covered in sand? I don't know. Ahhh, EL BURRO MAS MACHO. He don't surf unless it's 6 foot, hence he only surfs 15 or so times a year.

    Yep, Bayhead sucks. There's more than one jetty there ya you can avoid Andrew Gessler if need be.

    Kookiemonster - could you explain what you meant by that post of yours. Deja Vu? Like, could you elaborate?

    Man, this is the present state of surfing, huh? A bunch of novices on surf predicting sites talking out their arses aboot things they know nothing aboot. Dudes complaining aboot flatspells on a computer when there has been waves the two previous days. Dudes who think the east coast gets their waves from distant Atlantic Storms and doesn't realize we get 97% of our waves from localized storms. Dudes who depend on websites to know if there are waves........ Wow. Sad..............

    And SUP, according to Fitz and others, you're supposed to say there's a lenghty flat spell, and the whole summer has sucked, and that you're too macho to bother with 3 foot days. You know how we had a "Who be keeping it real" hodown the other week.......Well it's pretty easy to tell. Anybody who thinks this summmer has been horrible obviously hasn't spent many summers on the east coast. No, it wasn't epic, but it was farrrrrr from the worst.

    Sorry SUP that you couldn't make it yesterday. See people, SUP is dedicated. I don't care where you live, it's all aboot dedication. He gets up early and drives every weekend to get to the east side. And he surfs whatever the Atlantic has to offer. He don't sit twenty minutes away from the beach making excuses, and complaining on SWELLINFO.COM
    Am I dedicated or completely insane? IDK, my wife is starting to wonder. I actually got up before sunrise and drove 45 minutes to the Gulf to ride some 1-2ft shorebreak this past weekend. I caught miniature waves for 3-4 hours while I thought about how I'm going to make my move to the E. Coast, which looks like is getting put on the back burner for another year while we save up some more money to leave this god forsaken job we LOVE so much. We won't be working remote (boss says no) so just picking up and leaving isn't an option... today, but there is a huge groundswell coming from waaaaaaay outside that will break on top of all their heads in approx. 13 months.

    Thanks for the kind words though, having this kind of dedication is something that I didn't have when I was younger and learning to surf. I had to grow into this and it took a lot of work / effort, persistence, money, and sacrifice. I don't think I would ever have progressed if I only got out a handful of times per year. It's a weekly thing for me now, and sometimes I'm able to get 3-4 days in a week. Gulf is 45 minutes away, E. Coast 2hrs., so it's a matter of how bad I want it, which is BAAAAAAD.

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    At my last job I reduced my hours from full time to four days a week so I could take every Friday off to snowboard. That's dedication. Wrong sport, but dedication nonetheless

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    I surfed some kamakazi shorebreak 2 weekends ago.... it was fun but not really.