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    Thanks for heads up. Going to get the wife a suit for spring/winter. I may pick up a 3/2 for myself.

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    O'Neil spring suit & O'Neil 3/2, done & done, for $100.

    Goose...many thanks

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    Thanks man!

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    sehsday has some decent deals on West suits too.

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    64 bucks for a oneill 3/2 crazy!

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    Shoots! I really could've used that QS short sleeve full. It's all gone now

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    Never would have thought to check D!ck's

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    got a 3/2 for 70 shipped!

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    Right on the middle.... 5'10 173 40 inch chest and 33 inch waist... suggestions on whether to go with the M or L?

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    ok I finally used my quik 2mm short sleeve suit. A quick review:

    Piece of sh!t. The back zip (I said I'd never go back...) was awful, the zipper and velcro rubbed my neck raw, it came unzipped and flooded during a wipeout. Absolute piece of sh!t. I hung it outside in downtown norfolk, hopefully a bum will steal it and start sporting it around town. If not, I'm returning it.

    I guess you get what you pay for...