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ok I finally used my quik 2mm short sleeve suit. A quick review:

Piece of sh!t. The back zip (I said I'd never go back...) was awful, the zipper and velcro rubbed my neck raw, it came unzipped and flooded during a wipeout. Absolute piece of sh!t. I hung it outside in downtown norfolk, hopefully a bum will steal it and start sporting it around town. If not, I'm returning it.

I guess you get what you pay for...

I almost posted about this quiksilver s/s full 2mm when everyone was jumping on it, but held off in hopes they got better. guess they did not. 2 years ago i bought this suit online for just under $100. i didnt even use it, tried it on and sent it back. the neck/velcro i could tell was garbage, and overall it just felt very cheap. it felt so bad actually that i thought the suit was 15 years old. felt so stiff. i also tried on an xcel slx 2mm s/s full, it was similar in junkiness. both of these suits are low end, so i guess you do get what you pay for.