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    it's not an equipment problem. That coil sounds rad. Shoot, if anything, leave it at home and get a crappy log. You will catch more waves and ultimately become a better surfer. It's all about being in the right place in the right time, or, rather, putting yourself there.

    Oh yeah, in central Fl I wouldn't worry too much about hh-doh... and if you are traveling you will quickly adjust. Big waves are easier, but maybe I just say that because I am lazy.
    This, right here. (that thudding sound was lee hitting the floor as he reels in shock at my agreeing with something he worries, he's young, he'll recover)

    It's true, though. On the right coast, in summer, haul out the plank. Because the actual act of wave catching is the key to the ignition. Use the right equipment, practice angled takeoffs instead of the big swoop down the face where you outrun the wave & it 'dies' on you... (it didn't die on you, you're just out of position & too far off the shoulder), stay high on the wave whatever size it is & you've put yourself in the position to try some manoeuvers (sp).
    I'd just say one other thing: if you aren't crashing & burning on waves, then you're not trying anything to improve. Not a criticism at all; just the nature of any sport.

    Sounds like you're really on track to become a skilled surfer. And then? You can test drive for the gnome.
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