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    Oh because I wanted something long but not too long and I thought that would work, but how would it surf

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    it would surf like an over-sized stubby quad. might work ok, but not ideal...gonna be tough to turn b/c it's super wide (22 3/8", according to the bing website), far wider than most other "funboards" at 7'6", which are closer to 21" wide. plus it's a got a really parallel outline, almost no curve to speak's gonna like going straight in a hurry, but not changing direction, esp. since at 145lbs, you don't have the mass to force it. designs like the swee'pea are meant to be sized very's really easy to accidentally oversize these to where they don't work b/c a lot of people still aren't used to riding boards like this.
    it sounds like you'd be better off w/ something like a mini-pintail, mini-lovebird or raven (if you wanted to stick w/ bing). also, mitchell is spot-on w/ his assessment of the ...lost domestic series. i've been loving my layzboy in super small surf this summer. <--mini-lovebird <--mini-pintail <--raven

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    if you want to surf small summer waves in NJ get yourself a longboard. the short and fat boards work, i have one and love it (5'2 mini simmons), but nothing beats a longboard for 1-2ft weak summer surf.