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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    I disagree, in that August is often really flat on the East Coast. Generally, it is worse then July and June.
    Yes, some years, we do have some tropical activity, but more often then not the Tropics don't start firing up until the last week in August or first week in September.
    yep . the best part of the season hasnt even started . wait! if nothing happens after september then blame obhama

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnykans View Post
    Usually August is the time you start to see a decent swells and get to enjoy the nice weather and warm water but this is just miserable.. I dont expect anything good Late June through July but when there are more better days in July then august that's a problem even though the real waves don't come till the winter I still hate not surfing in the summer this is the time to practice and just enjoy everything about the day i really pray for A good sept.
    read this

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    How to not post your misery again:

    Sock away $120 - 200 bucks a month starting right now, plus what granny gifts you for xmas (btw all your xmas gifts s/b requested 'cash only please').

    Book your flights & hotels in May 2014 for August 2014 trek.
    Then go to Costa Rica for 10 days next August.

    You heard me correcto: so, as of immediately, give up the smokes & make your buddies buy Schlitz instead of the craft brews. Put that cash in the surf trip account.
    Any bonuses from work, into the trip account.
    Raises? Yah, them too.
    Ask your 'rents if they would donate a few chips for your trip.
    Pimp out your sister. Any true surfer would do that to generate $$ for a serious surf trip.

    And don't forget to do the time off slip in with the boss in early December 2013 for adios-time in August 2014.
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    Summer mushburgers........need surf.....stat

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    January and February are up in the air... They can be very flat or be very consistent, depending on weather pattern.

    Going back to August, we hardly every get any decent frontal systems in August, so its just a matter if the Tropics get going early.

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    Have faith Labor Day is around the corner soon we'll get our beaches back Hpopefully we'll get some sort of swell

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    i feel like the only actual swell we've had since june was andrea. anything else has been ridiculous soft mush (frequent).

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    "This August Sucks"....not according to
    Check the reports for the last few days. Nags Head is having a solid summer it seems. I've been drooling over their reports each night after surfing the local mush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Guess it all depends on where you are located. I recall January and February being awesome, cold, but awesome.
    What's cold in Florida 72? Haha Haha

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    Tropical Storm Frequency