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    Your first board

    What was the first board you ever owned and do you still have it?

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    Beat up used Haut twin fin....probably about 5'8". Dad bought it for me in about 1978, traded it in to Sundancer Surf Shop in OCMD for a skateboard in the middle of a summer flat spell a few summers later.

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    7 0 stinger. Still got it, still ride it. It's beyond yellow. It's getting into the medium brown spectrum.

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    80s 6'2" Town and Country dad bought me from a pawn shop. It was all beat up and we fixed it with epoxy (not the best idea for fiberglass boards) recently I revived it by cutting off 6-8 inches and reshaping the nose and re glassing. Its super responsive and been getting barreled like never before on it! IMG_1231.jpg

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    Ozone 9"4' longboard from K-Coast, Ocean City MD in 2005. Love this board to death. Learned how to surf on it and took it out everyday for Hurricane Bill. It's great to have a symbolic first board. I'll have this beast til the day I die. Got a nice quiver now though!

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    7'6" Stewart mini-lb/funboard shape. Love the thing. Rarely still ride it but the thing flies, and every time I do, I tell myself to ride it more.

    I really kind of half-consider my first board to be the first board my broke, early-high school self saved up for and bought on my own dime: 6'1" Lost Tataki. That thing definitely was the vehicle for the most important stages of my surfing progression, and the majority of my "you will always remember this one" rides. Alas, it fell fate to the dreaded buckle, but it went out in style. Pretty good, but not great surf, sandbar waves, but with pretty short rides - caught one and it hit the bar/channel perfectly so I rode it a couple hundred yards to the beach, linking turns the whole way, and on the last one, I felt it all go wrong. That was one of the aforementioned "remember" waves (probably because it killed my true love. Sigh). Couldnt've sent it off better if I tried. RIP buddy. When I have the room for it, you'll be on the wall.

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    6'0" Planet Blue that my brother and I pulled out of the garbage can with the entire fin area ripped out of the board and my dad helped us re fiberglass and put new fin boxes in it

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    Mine was a 5'2" twin fin by Don Smith of Hawaii. I'm 6'5". All you could see of me in the line up was my head. next board was a 7'2" Secret Spot.

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    6'4" Sundancer twinie. Got stolen about two months after I bought it.

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    Early 2000's model Bessell 7'2'' funboard. Still have it/still ride it. Bought it used off Craigslist about 5 years ago. Lots of dings, and its pretty yellow now as well but rides great and surprisingly is very easy to catch a thigh high/waist high wave on east coast. It gets some speed going as well. I live in MD and was out on vacation in San Diego last month with family . Got to "meet my maker" Tim Bessell in his LaJolla shop. Very cool and friendly guy. Gave my son and myself a quick tour of the shop after he was finishing up with a customer.