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    Jun 2013
    Long Island
    mine is a 7'2" "Hawaiin Style" pin tail gun. Bought it off of Craig's list .... a nice beige/tan/yellow color now but still ride it. It's a really fun board when it's more of a longboard wave but want something that turns quicker. Still has great float since I'm only about 150-160 lb.

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    Aug 2009
    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    Challenger Eastern single fin... the thing was a dog. Traded it in for my second board... an MR twin. My surfing grew exponentially in one year.

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    Jan 2009
    milton delaware
    Guessing you don't still have the MR Twin. MANNNNN how cool would that be.

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    5'8" Ronnie Mellot shaped Twin-fin, circa ~1982

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    7'6" Vector funshape - traded a TV set for it - turned out to be a good move in two ways.

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    6'2" G Wilson fish! found it used at vertical urge bought it during the winter and not having a wetsuit at the time had to stare at it for months before we got some warm water. it's now in the new hanover hospital pediatric wing as part of a wall

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    Oct 2012
    Challenger round pin/single fin, I paid way too much for at a pawn shop. It was a couple feet taller than me with a ton of volume - actually a pretty good board for me, considering how weak the "waves" on the gulf are. Our family used to spend a month of every summer on the beach near alabama point. I had a ton of sub-tropical fun on that board, angling long glides on waves that were usually about 1/2 foot high...never even did a turn on it. Grom size has it's perks.

    I bought my second board on a trip to see my aunt out in Los Angeles. It was a used Reardon twin with a center "star system" box (thrusters were rare, at the time) and a fantastic taped off "burst" airbrush. Taped it in a blanket, flew home to the gulf with it (airlines let you do sh*t like that back then), quickly outgrew it, but kept riding it (couldn't afford another) and wondered why it kept bogging.
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