Please accept my personal nomination for Hater of the Year. I know you've worked especially hard this year for the HOTY and you've really stepped it up since you blew up the scene Sept 26, 2008.

What happened since January? You seemed relatively happy by the threads you posted, I mean the Cuba Surfing thing was kinda cool. I guess you never got over getting buzzed by a guy on a wavejet, you've been fuming since then.

Piss & Vinegar
Your threads started haven't elevated you to HOTY. No, it's been your general presence on the forum. Rarely a good word comes from you. Quick to cut another down especially if someone offers a view point differing from yours.

Let's make a quick list of things you hate:

Me, the south, Red, PJB, SJB, People fron NZ, Charles, Steve, experts, Archy, Humans (We just f*** up everything we touch.), this summer, fried food, Southern food (side note, he seems to prefer food over women. "American tail is easy. And easy wherever a man goes. It's all about the food. North has it.") , young people, old people, Wayne, emassspicoli, banman, njshredmachine, trevolution, authority, GoPros, contrails, Shark-Hunter, shark culling, OceanO, Leethestud, blow up dolls, bros, techno-blah blah items, moderators, gnomes, drivel, wind, Chiros, baggage chimps, misery, not enough misery, tools, boxes, tool boxes, flour.

I'm sure the list goes on but my keyboard is starting to heat up and needs an oil change so I'll let that list stand.

I personally like the phrase "if you've got hate in your heart, get it out". You're more of a "if you got hate, you don't have as much as me and I hate you." I don't know how you're able to pack so much meanness and hate through your keyboard but you do so that's why I've nominated you for HOTY 2013!