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I can scarcely believe it!

Say it ain't so, Shoeless Joe, er, clem!

Not only do I apparently have my very own bald-headed troll, I now have my very own THREAD dedicated by a bald-headed troll just for ME!

clem, oh clemmy, you puckish lil' devil with the shining spf-190 covered pate....

You have elevated me to SI immortality.

Words alone can never be enough gratitude for the huge amount of time that you've wasted, er, devoted to tracking & notating every one of my posts.... for years! Who knew?! But there you were, lurking, ever lurking in the shadows. Troll wannabes! Take note! Clem is The Master Troll. emass8' get out your notebook & start scribbling.

As my bud General Lee said, some of the responses in this thread are gold.....ok, maybe fool's gold, but I'll take 'em as I can get 'em.

BTW, clem, there are some really cool heads on this forum. Uh, you're not one of them; but that's ok! You can still aspire to greatness.

It seems that what set you off, and inspired your hulking emergence from the depths of troll holler over there in Green Acres, was a riposte or two regarding one's lack of dome turf. Or maybe it was the insights I had on 'steve83' the infamous invisible 'shaper' of wooden aircraft carriers.

Or maybe you're just another angry dood 'cause I sometimes yell 'Jesus H. Christ' before I eat it. I don't always yell that. But when I do, it's spectacular. Because I am... The Most Hated Man in Your World.

Anyways, it's very impressive the way you went to DEFCON5.

I'm fo' sho' giving a positive shout back to the boyz in the SI 'hood who stood up in any way, shape or form in this thread for my hateful arse. You boyz didn't have to do that, but props & my respect from me for having old-school backbone.

(btw, Goofy Footer (who has more cojones than most people): you owe me pics of those gorgeous new Carolina-shaped customs that you picked up today!)

Keepin' it real, clem, that's all it is, sparky. Not everyone gets to be an astronaut. And that just may, at the end of the day, be the pea in your Birkenstocks.
Best HOTY acceptance speech ever.