Nickel back is the absolute worst...I went to a show they were playing, but only because Alice in chains was opening( which I thought was ridiculous), but I ended up meeting AIC's new front man at the bar and the rest of the show I walked around yelling Nickelback sucks!

U2 blows serious donkey d!ck...I mean, really, any band member who feels the need to call himself the edge is a real douche.

I know some of you are going to think I'm crazy, but the Clash makes me want to upchuck...god damn they suck...
Now onto the easy ones, all the pop sh!t is the most horrendous crap ever, you know it's always the good people who end up od'ing on heroin or dying in a plane crash.
I don't think I'd be sad if beiber's plane took a nosedive.

P/ssy country is the worst, now you put on some Hank Jr. Or Charlie Daniels and I'm hootin'

And finally rap, don't get me wrong here, I've been down in the hood G since "Raising Hell", before that all I listened to was Iron Maiden. But really, 90% of rap and hip-hop blows such huge donkey balls that I'd have to say it's giving baboons reach arounds. The other 10% is some magical stuff.