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  1. Hey!!! please go to surfline and sign the petition to save Puerto Escondido!!!

    i was just there (surfline,) and saw where they need roughly 700 more signatures to be able to present the petition to the local government there. They need to meet a quota of 5,000 names, and it would be wonderful if the could exceed that by another couple of thousand! Sign up (it's all in Spanish, but easy enough to navigate) and let the locals there know that we have their back as best we can. Hell, pass it on to some of your non-surfing buddies as well, whoever, whatever it takes to try and lend a hand! There's also a box at the end of the petition that will allow you to say something that's from the heart, or why you personally don't want to see any measures taken that might alter the wave/ecosystem there... the whole thing took me less than 5 minutes to do.

    We all need good karma coming our way, so take a few minutes and let them know how you feel. Take a few minutes to say that you did something positive today, that could potentially benefit fellow surfers, and maybe even yourself one day if you're ever lucky enough to visit Puerto.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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