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    He wasn't banned, he died. He was thrown from the roof of the Trump Plaza by some thugs who claimed he owed them money. However, just like in the movie 'The Crow' he was given a re-birth by powers unknown. He has taken on a entirely new persona in body, mind, and spirit. I know this because I frequent his haunts and the same thing happened to me back in 1987.
    Sounds like one of my trips to Vegas! Difference was that I survived the fall.

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    Gaf that was straight up awesome.

    Obviously the dog under the boardwalk in AC finally ate SJB. I hope he got to communicate with one of those seagulls before he went.

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    We can't forget east sandbar Phil either. Great tribute guys.

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    This thread, and SJBs rants, are truly, truly amazing. All I can do is hope and pray this flat spell ends soon, so I don't devote any more of my Saturday mornings reading this stuff. However, it is better than doing the yard in this heat. The ocean is green with slime and needs a flush from a hurricane swell. Seven days till September.