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Can't say since this is my first year in the Low Country, but damn, when I was out last monday, I got stung probably 3 times in a 2 hours session. My friend who I was teaching how to surf got nailed probably 5-6 times. It was crazy, I saw a bunch of HUGE, dead jellies on the beach, but I never saw any in the water, I just got out and had serious stinging rashes. Big one on my chest. But there are vinegar waters hanging up like every 10 feet by the city of Hilton Head on every public beach. It was just weird how when I was in the water, the whole lineup was talking about getting stung every 5 minutes but I never saw the bastards.

most the ones you see washed up are cannon balls which dont sting and moon jellys which dont really hurt, idk the bad ones which i never see only get stung by are the sea wasps you wont normally see them washed up. wait till you get hit by a man o war youll want to leave the water for a month.