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    Cool Being dropped in on.

    Here is a video from the other day at a crowded line up on the Florida coast. No one was injured and everybody was all smiles at the end.

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    This post will probably elicit only about, oh, 900 comments.

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    Yankee is right but bottom line:

    you were not in the right.

    The wave was a left and there were people paddling for it and getting to their feet right behind you.
    you didn't look to your right as you were padding in, and didn't yield to those who were closer to the peak.
    The guy who dropped in on you did the same thing you did. just a bit more blatantly.

    Honestly it looks like one of those cluster-f lineups where everyone, including you, is just focusing on themselves, in your case literally with the go-pro.
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    you should be mad about that guys dropping in on you because he was clearly a danger to you and others in the lineup surfing like that, that person needs to get some lessons to learn about surf ettiquette

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    Dude... are you serious? You must have never seen anyone else make one of these posts before...

    Prepare to be eviscerated! Good luck!!!!

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    Moot is right, I'm starting to see what really happend and why it was the way it was. But what made it all good in the end. Everybody was smiling and having a good time. To me, there is no bad day on the water. Unless jaws says hey.

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    you dropped in on the girl and then snowballed her wave.

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    4 people taking off for the same wave...yeah, I'd surf somewhere else.

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    You were taught wrong.

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    I guess I should have added more to the video, it does look like I messed her wave though. I guess it's all about perspective.