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    Steal of the century

    My wife is a social creature. That means I get dragged to functions that are usually better off missed. Yesterday she wants to go to a party that we were invited to and I agree because...well,it's just part of the game. So we arrive and it's just 3 other couples and wine and cheese.This is a snooty group. I ask for a beer and the host kinda raises the eyebrows and gets me a bud with some obvious disdain. I start racking my brain for an escape and see my woman is actually enjoying herself. So,ok. I am resigned to a few hours of torture. At some point I am zoning out and realize someone has asked me a question about surfing. I re-focus and hear my wife and the hostess talking about my love of the ocean. The hostess then announces that her husband tried surfing a few years ago. He quickly says he tried it and did not like it. I am about to fade out again when hostess then says " Jeffrey, why don't you show our guest your surfboard? "
    He looks like she asked him to clean the toilet but shrugs and says ok. So off the two of us go towards the garage. I am sure he will show me a Ron Jon foamy and am shocked when he pulls out a Lost Scorcher that is in almost perfect condition.Other than a coat of dust this board could still be on the rack. What the hell is he doing with this? He says he went out on it twice and couldn't get out past the break and just gave up on the idea of surfing. I ask if he wants to sell it and he says " how much?" I offer 100 just to see what he will say and he blows my mind with "sold!" Grab checkbook from car and close the deal, slip board into car and head back to the party. As we are leaving my wife asks if I had fun. I can say with total honesty that it was a great time.

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    Great story! I hope you drank wine after that!

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    Those are great. My favorite longboard is one that was originally bought by a guy for his wife, who ended up not liking surfing as much. I didnt get it for $100, but it was much cheaper than what i wouldve paid the shaper for it.

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    He shoots. He scores.

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    Show some pics!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Great story! I hope you drank wine after that!
    Ha! No. Never liked wine. But the company did seem more interesting after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushdoc View Post
    Ha! No. Never liked wine. But the company did seem more interesting after that.
    I never understood how the wine connoisseur crowd is cool with bud light. You would think they would at least have offered you some big name craft beer. I mean I host beer parties, and still have wine for the people that don't like beer. I would never offer them a wild Irish rose.

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    haha little silver lining, pays to be a good sport, eh?

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    Hahaha totally worth your time and effort! Good score

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    Wine and Cheese w/ $100 Lost boards sounds like the coolest party of the weekend.