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    Where be my hurricanes?

    Apparently the Saharan Air Layer isn't helping.

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    I just got a 5-10 copy of the hypto krypto and there's nothing to try it out on! Hoping that if I just stop obsessively checking SwellInfo and storm tracking models that a nice little swell will come. Focusing on surfing and when perhaps a swell will come allows me to not think about the darkness in my memories. But without waves turning down the noise in my brain becomes increasingly difficult. Im praying for positive living and hoping for waves.

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    Sept 7 and 8 looks like something will be hitting us

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    We can only hope zman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zman9398 View Post
    Sept 7 and 8 looks like something will be hitting us
    urghhh... just my luck. I've got family plans on the 8th. I would suggest everyone mark their calenders. huge swell on the 8th.

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    I am going to have unfortunately join WBOTY nominee Fitzy on this and whine that I will be in Pittsburgh so that will guarantee some waves
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    where do you see that?

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    I am a weekend warrior and am so pumped to be at the beach sept 7th and 8th.... Saw this today and it looks like there is a 30% of some storms producing....

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    ^^^ AHHHHH....

    I started a thread about that cluster. Someone between Brownsville and NYC is potentially in it for real...I am already praying to a God or gods...Your welcome

    Ok, we go Captain Planet on this joint and combine all bulls, goats and virgins into a sacrificial ceremony. Direct all of this energy with a carbon-based version of the AirPort Time Capsule (a Navajo Shaman) to magnify this energy into the storm. The global superstorm will consume us all, but not before we get some waves, oh what a glorious day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryan609 View Post
    where do you see that?
    On surfline's long range forecast.