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    7S XL 7'3 Surfboard for sale at Breakers in Surfside

    7s bobbys board.jpg7s Bobby surf 2.jpg20130810_152515.jpgHello surf world. I am selling my 7S XL 7'3 3' thick surfboard . Its at Breaker Sport Surf shop in Surfside Beach. I am asking $375.00 for it. Its a great board. Rode it some over last winter and the board is great for the bumpy and glassy Surfside conditions. The board is in good condition. No pressure dings. There is some minor and faint paint scratches on the tail tips and bottom of the board. But the board overall looks brand new. The reason I am selling it is because its rated for surfers that are 200lbs plus. I only weigh 176lbs. So I am going to use the proceeds from this sell to purchase a board rated closer to the volume I need. I caught some awesome rides on this 7S XL. It was head high last winter and I dropped into this vertical, bumpy face and the board held its line. It has alot of volume, 3inches thick, so it will paddle easy. Its a great board for those who want a board that is a mid-size, high volume, easy paddling, high performance and all around fun board for the Texas surf. Surfing in the Q.jpg I uploaded a pic of me surfing on the board in Quintanna Beach from last winter. I stored this board in my house, and it was never left out in the sun extended periods. So it is gleaming white. Go to Breaker's in Surfside and pick this board up and added it to your quiver. Thanks guys and girls for your time P.S. The pic I uploaded of the bottom of the board has the sun rays going through my upstairs deck onto the board, so the lines on the board between the fins is the sun rays.
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