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Sorry Zach, just don't see it. And my sense of humor is the best in the nation so if I say it's no good.......then it's no good.

First of all, for this genre of "entertainment" you don't make it ten friggin minutes long. You don't have a two minute long intro that loses peoples' attention real quick. I mean it was too dark to even see those gal's butts. This is the internet age with short attention spans...

Why I think the Carolina boys like it so much is that youse guys are kind of desparate for attention....any kind of attention. That's not an insult, so you fellas relax. But you guys like it cause it hightlights your areas and stuff.

Like, " Hey there's my beach.......hey there's the sign to my town.........hey there's Benny B........these are MY people."

See, here in Jersey we are in the national spotlight constantly.......Most people up here have never heard of Wilmington, NC

I'd rather watch the NUB TV guys kick each other in the testicles than this. Oh man, did I just say that? Wow, then this "done a thousand times rap paraody" was really bad.
Disclaimer. I not from the Carolinas. I love it here, but I have an outsiders perspective on the whole thing. I am from about 50 miles south of you originally. Technically the south, but that is because we handed the City of Phily over to PA back before the lines were drawn... You guys do know that Philly was originally a city in Maryland right? Off topic, but most people dont know that.