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RCarter I ain't got nothing against you, so don't take this personally.

Good ol boys claim to live by the gun, but they rarely shoot humans. Up here in the North it's a killing field in MANY areas......Bullets are flying all day every day. Everywhere, not just a few cities like in the South. People love guns up here. They're angry and homicidal.

Jesus, dudes from NYC and Philly had to show you guys how to sell dope, for God's sake. You guys are like 15 years behind us in that stuff.

Californians bust on hicks more than northerners do. Really, I used to live there.

Yeah, yeah yeah.........I have heard this so many times, but yeah slavery was the main root of southern discontent. The whole region's economy was based on it.

So what were the top 3 or 4 reasons that came before slavery? What policies of Lincoln pissed-off the south? Be specific.....

Umm, Charlotte, Atlanta and other southern cities are very white collar and are leading places in the tech industries. You do realize that every state has urban and rural areas, right? We have areas of washing machine littered front lawns in New Jersey. And I see 50 deer stickers on the back windows of pick-up trucks everyday.

There's no big difference in attitudes and culture, unless you're one of them alligator killers we see on TV.

If you would have succeded from the union you would have gone under in ten years. You had no manufacturing. You would have been shunned, eventaully by other nations for your slavery issues. You would have been outcasts with a cotton based economy. The south would not have prospered. God, watch The Jerry Springer show these days. Can you imagine what it would be like today if the south had won?

Hey, what's the difference between a porcupine and a pick-up truck?

The pricks on the pick-up truck are on the inside !!!


Hey, Rcarter relax, dawg. You guys still wouldn't win a war. Actually your statements are border-line treasonous......FBI, get this guy........
for your edification: http://americanhistory.about.com/od/..._civil_war.htm

BTW the south would crush the north easily nowadays.