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    Surf Trip Advice

    Unfortunately I am still under the watchful eye of my parents but fortunately they support surf trips as long as they have somethng to do one the side. The Last 2 years we went to Nosara and Southern California and those were great trips and am currently planning another one this year. If anyone has been on a trip that has great side activities to hold down my parents while still getting some solid surf myself I would really appreciate the ideas.


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    tell them you want to go to bangkok and the side activities are coke and midget prostitutes , and tell them youll be xtra careful to look out for shemales make sure before you take one home to give em a kick in the crouch , and all so you will be exploring the (jungle).

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    Don't forget to go to Phuket and other spots for the best Muay Thai training in the world.

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    Try Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando. On a more real note, Santa Cruz/San Fran Bay has lots of stuff for a couple of old hippies to check out whilst you get to hit Mavs or Steamer Lane. Tell Flea and the Boyz they are too soft for the 23 footers in Jerzy, and they should stay out in NorCal where they belong.

    Or if you decide on Orlando, say hi to Mickey (Dora) for me. He rules Typhoon Lagoon with an iron fist. No booze swilling, babes and waves watching white trash allowed. No gun toting boogie boarders either. Only god fearing short boarding, well behaved and well groomed non aggro shredders allowed. Bring lots of coin for the surf memorabilia shop that you get emptied out on after your ride. Autographed surfboards by Corkey Carrol, Johnny Utah, and Kelly Slater, photo ops with Goofy and the Seven Dwarfs, or the Malloy Bros., and the newest Jimmy Buffet tunes cranking on the PA.

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    Abaco or Eleuthera Island, Bahamas; Biarritz, France or somewhere in Portugal maybe.

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    Do yer research on the Caribbean. On a lot of islands one side will have 4-6ft points and barrelling and the other will be flat with WORLD class snorkeling, drinking, and jet skiing (preferably not in that order) for all of the non surfing tourists. A. Don't go in summer time unless you got the forecasting skills of timing hurricanes B. Go in the winter when all of the cold fronts the SE coast of US and send for sure swell to the north and east Carib islands. C. It Is very cheap to vacation once you get there. As for getting there be creative. Maybe head to Florida first and possibly take a boat or one of those one-way cruises, which get REAL cheap last minute trust me I know..... with all that being said go somewhere in the British Virgin Islands. I had the best time of my life so far there. I am talking sky blue clear water, reeeeeeling points, stoked locals, beautiful scenery, and barrels!! As for your parents they can snorkeled, enjoy cheap restaurants, and if they get bored get can island hop around island to island since moat of them are a few miles apart with their own uniqueness. So once again do your research because it can get flat at times but winter always produces!!! Good luck and safe travels wherever ya go!