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    Traveling to Cape May a bit lately

    I just started dating someone in Cape May. So, I'm going to be spending a lot of weekends there.

    Due to the beach facing southerly, I assume it works on big south tropical swell and is good for when the east facing beaches are blown out from Nor'Easters.

    Where are the breaks and what are the times surfing is allowed? In Ocean City, MD, outside of the surf beaches, we can surf up till 10am and after 5:30 pm in season.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Cove sucks. any jetty works. is SUPER tide-dependent when working. hours are prob close to OC but guards should be gone soon.

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    You're dating someone from Cape May?? Oh boy..........And you're from OCMD? How do you feel aboot bird watching?

    Do you parents know aboot this? I'd suggest keeping a low profile and try and blend into the local Jersey scene. Cape Mayers are notorious for holding grudges and hostilities against people from Ocean City.

    Ohhh shoots sorry, Cape Mayers don't like people from Ocean City, NJ not bad. I always get those two places confused. Ocean City Maryland is in Maryland and Ocean City, NJ is in New Jersey.

    Yo, PUMP, throw him some indside scoops, man. Hey, PUMP, some day we're going to walk the boards, hit the log ride and eat MACK'S PIZZA together. Do you like birch beer, PUMP?

    So, you'll be ok. So, are you going to go to The Lobster House or whatever the name of the place is that beat The Crap Trab for BEST of THE SHORE Seafood Restaurant( 2013 Press of Atlantic City)? That bothers me.