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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyldo View Post
    If you liked the motor boat stick with it. Just cause your friend said it was too loose doesn't mean anything. It's all about how you liked it. everyone has different opinions. But it's always good to try new stuff. If you want a really fun all arounder check out a new flyer. Perfect jersey/ny board
    Yeah, a CI Flyer about 5'6" should get you into anything from waist to overhead, and is very maneuverable and fast. But...if you can find a local shaper that makes high performance boards for groms and junior shredders, you will have a great custom board and you will get to learn what tail shapes, thickness, rails, and bottom contours work best for your style of surfing at your favorite breaks. Plus you will save about $200 in the process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Anybody read the comments on that video? Roy is pretty rude to Randy...despite what he says about always being calm and responding logically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JakeZnaty View Post
    i do like the motor boat too but im looking for more advice maybe someone can recommend a different board or tell me what kind of board they think would fit me good and which i should look into much more for when my small wave board won't work well in chest - overhead winter swells, maybe a review on the DFR/Fred rubble or a review on a different more performance board
    Honestly man, go with a new flyer, or like the other guy said talk to a shaper about making something similar to the flyer but a little more dialed into what you like. It'll most likely come out to be a great choice that you won't regret. Supporting your local shaper in the process is always a plus. He's riding the same waves you ride so he has the knowledge and advice on how to get you dialed into exactly what you're looking for.