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    The right to access the ocean and to surf when and where you want

    I realize this thread is probably going to get hijacked by a bunch of morons talking about the civil war and recreational gun usage, but I'll post it anyway. The topic at hand is based on access to oceans, beach privatizations, and mean high tide lines. My question is how can a police officer, park ranger, or teenager in a STAFF shirt with a whistle legally tell you that you can't surf in the ocean and to leave the water?

    Backstory: Surfing yesterday (yeah it was barely knee high but I still had fun) in the surf zone, nice day, not bothering anyone when a parks employee walks up to the water and starts laying on her whistle motioning for me to get out of the water. I told her I was in the surf zone had cleared paddling out with another employee and asked her why I had to leave. She said, "I don't know. That's just what someone told me." I tried not to be a **** to someone just trying to do her job and obviously not a surfer and left without arguing.

    I realize you have to deal with some annoyances June through September but it seems like our rights as citizens are being taken away. Isn't the ocean public property below the mean high tide line? I'm not trying to go all Rodney King here but sometimes it feels like we don't live in a completely "free" country. The northeast is taxed and regulated to death in general I just hate to see that extend to public natural resources.
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