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  1. If you paddle out deep enough your in international waters

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    Unfortunately the pipe is state property, CB receives federal funding for the maintenance of the pipe which if needed would be done by the state, however unless there is a posted no trespassing sign and you have a valid fishing license....then fish away! I surf the south side of that pipe regularly and don't remember there being any signs up at all. I don't believe the police have the jurisdictional authority to remove you from the pipe, and a life guard certainly has no jurisdiction...if NC wildlife shows up, you may have a problem. Good Luck.

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    Hey Blackfish, I am from CB too and I have a question about something. I was fishing off the pipe at Alabama the other day. And the lifeguard blows his whistle and waived me off of it. But I just waived back and kept fishing. Is there any law or statute I was violating by fishing there?

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    Last day of reign!

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