I'm aware that this is probably a strange post but I cant seem to find information out there that shines any light on this current situation.

My fiance and I are gearing up to get married in Oahu Hawaii where I was born. I've lived in Chicago for several years and recent events have caused me to be concerned about Hawaii waters.

Just a few days ago, while all the Miley Cirus media blasted everywhere, Japan dumped an additional 300 tons of radioactive waste into the pacific ocean. Scientists are saying that its going to kill all marine life in the pacific or cause toxicity levels to be off the charts by May 2014. The exact time we are getting married. I do understand the implications of this assessment and my only concern is NOT my wedding by any means. However, I am interested to find out if Hawaii media is talking about this or if anyone has any information regarding this situation.

I figured a surfing forum would be a great start in finding this information. If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction. please do so.