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    Cameron Diaz dropping in on slater

    Thought it would spark a conversation, they are supposedly surfing buddies<br /><br />

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    They used to date no? I'd tackle her for cutting me off.

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    B*tch this is my 1 foot wave

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    He should talk her and Blanchard into a three-way

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    He looks in awe of her buttocks.

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    She is closer to the peak..

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    he is to busy looking at her ass yall she that

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    Damn he is staring at dat ass ain't he!

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    damn...i wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else, either.
    looks like we found KS's Kryptonite.

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    i am sure he is pounding her. good for him. he has the best life of anyone surfs the best waves in the world and pounds hotties all day. I havent found a waist high wave in a month. cant wait for winter