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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    I'd call duck NC The Hamptons, South. $5000/wk beach house rentals as far as the eye can see. No public parking anywhere. Law enforcement out the wazoo, but not to mess with the richies, no, to keep the passers by from stopping. They are targets of all of the "caribbean theme" crap down in the OBX, because, you know, North carolina doesn't have any culture of it's own. Take your bible and enjoy your f**king barbeque.

    Did you know that before back bay was a wildlife refuge (1950's?) that entire stretch around the state line was a make shift casino, bar, and hooker town fueled by the wealthiest members of hampton road's high society? Heard that sh*t first hand from an old rich guy the other day. Sound so rad. See what happens when you open sh*t up to tourists and / or let the government claim it? The fun ends. oh well, at least there will be some wildlife left for our kids, rather than a bunch of overpriced beach houses.

    Don't forget about the private hunting that was afforded to them. I need to make some more money...

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    At least tthey wont find my secret spot!
    Quote Originally Posted by Losttsol View Post
    Duck, NC.

    I verified this myself over the past week while on vacation. There are more Jersey license plates in Duck than there are in Seaside Heights. While shopping or at a restaurant, the distinct Jersey accent is heard everywhere. Corolla, NC would be the next to southernmost town in Jersey.