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    I dont agree with people saying shore vs. beach means they are a benny. Yes, you should say beach but saying you are "going to the shore" basically means you are actually going to the beach at the edge of the shore/shoreline.

    How about when I went to the "North Shore" to pipe, sunset and waimea, sounds same to me. Anyway, I guess people refer to "going down the shore" ever since signs went up welcoming people to the jersey shore.--but who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguaholic View Post
    Haha....about to be full time......I did spot quite a few the last few weekends myself though. (Belmar area).
    You should come to Wildwood!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanoc View Post
    in delmarva we get the Glen Burnie trash thats blows down to the beach haha
    haha I was from Glen Burnie for the last few years.....but I agree, a good majority of the people there are TRASSSSSSSSSH.

    At least when I come down to surf, I don't snake waves, and I don't leave cigarette butts and beer cans on the beach.

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    ahhhhhhhhh guidos are the WORST.

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    belmar and seaside get the worst of the stupid guidos, but no other place in jersey can claim the kosher krew like the longbranch / elberon / deal area. sooo many stupid jews

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    house is outside rehoboth, DE (millsboro). unfortunately i can only make it there in august
    where are you guys getting all these pictures of my friends and i?

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    aren't they both the same thing. ha.. but if i had to choose though. i'd have to say guidos are the worst.

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    I hate all the LAXerbros in Delaware. And guidos are just so dumb. Im not racist, only racist against those of guido orgin.

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    yea i hate both of them...

    but then again, i don't like anyone who thinks they're above the rest with their pompous, egocentric attitude.

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    Thumbs up hope this clears this up

    A Guido is a Benny who may have tried growth hormone ,goes to the gym to pump up before he goes out on Friday night. Has got a guy to do whatever " talk to my guy he will hook you up" hangs at dj's or the surf club or some other dance club. Has a cousin named Joey or Tony. Generally comes from north of the Driscol bridge. On another note beware Jewnami warning till labor day
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