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Well keep in mind that it takes 4 full days to run a WCT contest. Its possible to have a few sneaky fun days pop up, but I doubt 4 would randomly happen in 2 weeks. I'd rather not give any EC surf haters (of which there were numerous pre- Quik Pro NY 2011) any ammunition.
All I was saying to the OP was that it seems on the EC when we have a contest, waves show up! Stinkbug decided to bring up the WCT in relation to the Quik contest when my comment had nothing to do with WQS, WCT, ASP or the PTA for that matter. In fact I kind of lost track with all the different acronyms it's turning into golf with all their mini tours and different crossover events. I really do not care what letters are in front of the contest as long as I get to see sick surfers rip nice waves. Hell for that matter I don't even care if it's a contest just go ahead, go shred!