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    Questions about past "Feeder" beaches in New Jersey

    Studying other alternatives of "straight line" beach replenishment in Florida and California found this article of new design approved and implemented by Army Corp. in New Jersey with the support of surfers and governmental officials. Although completed several years ago; the new design was a "elbow" of sand seaward of Sandy Hook and "point" at Seabright NJ to act as a feeder beach for surf zone sand bar retention/development. The "feeder" beaches did act as point breaks short term but unseccessful finding monitoring data of success of these "feeders" much less pictures. Will these past designs be incorporated in any post Sandy replenishment projects ? If any of you Jersey surfers could chime in if these feeder projects were successful creating and acting as a"feeder" beach of sand as not my intention to expose surf spots just the "science" of these alternatives.

    Also, Manasquan Inlet Jetties, is the long shore drift of sand South to North? Has this Manasquan (navigational jetties) deteriorated over the years as a premier surfing spot? If the North Jetty is starved of sand does the north beach area receive periodic beach replenishment ? Is Manasquan Inlet primarily a recreational boat and/or include commercial shipping ocean access?

    Thanks for your help ..................
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    So basically whoever was cooperating with these feeders back in long branch in 2008, basically said **** that and went back to their old ways, because all hope that i had for Sea Bright after sandy was thrown out the window in the past month. It's impossible to check a spot north of LB without seeing replinishment tankers going up and down the coast.