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    Quote Originally Posted by sonfollowerssurf View Post
    Last time I checked we were still able to talk about Jesus in the USA. Just trying to get it all in before they shut it down.
    Oh dear, you are one of those Christians. If you can't make a post on here without pushing religion, expect to always be flamed. No one was talking about Jeebus or religion here. In fact, the OP even said Xmas instead of Chistmas, so we were not confusing the topic with something religious. I have no problem with your threads. If you want to entice children with free stuff, that is your deal. Just keep the preaching to your own threads.

    Please don't act like your religion has a hard time getting its message across in the modern world. Most of us are spoon fed Christianity from a young age, taught to pledge allegiance under god. Taught to go to church or be the outcast. Taught to live by the translations in an ancient book, which often end up contradictin the core message. No sir, you are not the one who should be complaining. You had your foot in the door since day one, but some of us use education and common sense to look for real answers. It is one of those agree to disagree situations.
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