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    Lost surfboard ...

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    Buahahaha, i'm just waiting for the day my straps break, going 85 mph can't be good for them

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    Thought this was a thread for a Rocket or Dwart!!

    Bet you some LB hating grom fired it down off the overpass after getting snakes on the shoulder by a straight-off takeoff.

    Is this a soft top? Maybe it's by the same mafia that slashed the softies in Montauk.

    Honestly, this is probably less of a threat to that driver than if one of us ate a LB nose to the grill. Least he's got the windshield to likely spiderweb and break the impact. It takes a very fine point of pressure and concentrated force of impact for that glass to be penetrated. A blunt object won't be doing that. It's not like a wood piling fell off the back of a commercial flatbed as in Final Destination.

    "Damn surf punks and their hip-hop music!"

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    A few years back I was driving down interstate 85 in Greensboro when FIVE surfboards in bags flew off a trailer in front of me. After I stopped screaming and gained control of the car and my bowels, I caught back up with the vehicle (Which took several miles) and told them they lost a shipload of boards. My son was p!ssed off because I didn't stop and grab them...

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    Lethal Weapon flashback!