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    Surfing in Ecuador

    Looking to head to Ecuador for the month of January with a few mates. Anyone have any useful information? Since we're looking to go for most of the month, we're not sure if its better to go through a company, or is it easy enough/safe enough to rent a place and a car and drive throughout the country on our own. What are road conditions like, as well as beach accessibility? Any tips will help

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    In 01 I met a girls who took a bus from Mal Pais CR to Ecuador. She said that her bus was stopped in the mountains of Ecuador by armed people and they took all the foreigners off, walked them deep into the brush, and had them kneel. They took all their valuables and left them wallowing in their own poop filled pantalones.

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    Road conditions in the Ruta Del Sol are good, surf spots are accessible, start your search in Montanita, and go from there. A friend recently visited Ayampe and really enjoyed it, about 20 minutes from Montanita. Food and lodging are cheap down there and it is safe.

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    I was doing a bit of research on Peru and used the US Consolate website. I found many travel restrictions for the Consolate personel .... like they can't go out and drive at night. And that's US expats that actually live there. I've heard Ecuador is the same. I've also heard that they like to do the 24 hrs kidnap thing where they just raid your bank account via ATM cards....etc.

    I'm not saying don't go ... just be careful and smart. I would check the US consolate website and I would definitely get a guide least for the first part of the trip until you get your bearings.

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    A bird I know went to Galapagos with her family back in June and that got me researching the place. Looks unreal there and a whole different realm like Madagascar. archy would LOVE it there! I guess they preserve the crap out of various areas and habitats and you can only set foot on them at certain times while accompanied by a guide. Seemed like a very safe, regulated place.

    How can Ecuador be that different when GI is a province of it?

    chich: that's what happens when you take an autobus from one third world nation to another that only costs you 75 centavos. Sounds like the next season of Survivor! Or the third rendition of Red Dawn.

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    Ecuador is just like ES, but better Oct - March. except i hear the roads mostly suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    How can Ecuador be that different when GI is a province of it?
    The GI are 1000 miles off the main land and extremely isolated, so it is completely different than the main land Ecuador. Also mainland Ecuador is VERY safe. Ruta Del Sol, where most of the surf is located is safe and friendly.

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    I suppose the next biggest question is road conditions and beach accessibility. The idea of getting a guide for the first week is a pretty good idea though

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    A guide? For what? There's the waves, go surf. It's a completely safe place. Peru too. I traveled there for 6 weeks and met nothing but good folks. Be a traveler, not a tourist!

  10. I have never traveled there but one of mine friend did. But he told that his experience was not good. He said that kidnap things are very common there and nobody could drive at night as it is very risky. So make proper research before going and collect as much as reviews as you can. All the best!

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