This thread hopefully will be a way for everybody to share personal stories that they thought were cool. For example, my car just died this morning so i had to take the bus and bike to class up at Virginia Wesleyan. As i was sitting on the bus, this guy gets on. Mid-40's early 50's looks like a regular joe going to work. We're sitting there awhile and looks up at me, looks at my shirt, and says i used to be sponsored by oneil. I was like really? and then he started to tell me about how he used to live/surf at pavones all the time. He also told me how he won a ESA/ESP longboard contest down in hatteras on a crappy composite bic because he broke his board the day before surfing Avon. then we just started talking about surfing. maybe my blonde ass hair and tan gave it away but i thought it was pretty sweet that he could recognize another surfer when i sure as hell didn't think he was one. I dont know if he was BS'ing me but if he wasn't, i thought it was pretty cool to just randomly meet this guy and talk about surfing.

o i forgot i have one more. I lifeguard at a pool by the beach and the patrons there are cool as hell. half of them surf and one even let me borrow his longboard for a couple weeks. anyway, one of them who came in to swim laps everyday told me a story about how he was in mexico for a surf trip when he was younger and went to the bar one night and hooked up with this Australian chick one night. turns out that chick was dewey weber's daughter who was going to school in San Francisco and she was in Mexico for vacation. how crazy would that have been if he had married her? his life would be totally different.

It's amazing how people meet each other and possibly could have their lives changed in a single moment.

Anybody else got any good ones?