This was pretty cool so I thought I'd share:

This morning before dawn in VB on the beaches north of Cavalier, I was walking my dog when it was still dark. He was running acting all crazy and I thought I saw the sand he was kicking up catching the boardwalk light from the south, but it wasn't like just regular light. When he ran closer towards me it was like I was seeing little pressure-activated lights that were firing when his feet hit the ground, glowing green and then fading. I look down and started stomping the sand with my feet and sure enough...every time I stomped it was like a glowing green spark in the sand, and then it faded away. Took my hands and fingers and dragged them across the sand in patterns and it's leaving this green glowing trail, writing my name and what-not. Then I ran about 20 yards really fast stomping my feet, turn around and there's a green glowing trail of my footprints slowly fading.

This was probably mid-tide and was all in the sand below the high tideline but above where the water was breaking and falling back to sea. But where the little knee-highs were breaking in the water, where the water crashed down into itself, it was like little green explosions in the water.

I've seen witchwood and glowing moss and stuff like that before but I'd never seen anything like this in the sea. I'm guessing it was some kind of glowing plankton or algae, which I've heard of but I didn't realize it was around here. Anybody ever experience this before?