I have a sweet Boneyard Surfboards 5'10" twin fin fish with futures. It seems like a lot of people rave about the Rasta Twin Keels, and I was set on getting those. However, I haven't really seen much about the K2's.. Has anyone tried them?

My brother is in the Fin Fanatics program at the surfwarehouse site... and I might sign up to try the Rastas, but I already have set fins for my boards and don't really need to sign up if I can just make up my mind and get a set. Thoughts?

Also, I was curious... I see futures advertise the fin cutouts as a way to 'loosen up your ride'. While it may serve that purpose, was the main idea of the cutaway to be able to put the fins in without damaging the board? Thanks


PS. I wouldn't be opposed to selling the board before buying the fins if anyone is interested. Near mint (9.5/10). 5'10" 22 1/2" 2 3/8". Not the real purpose of this post but hey, I'll throw it out there. $400