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    Big Sur - surfshops

    Planning on heading out to a buddy's bachelor party in Big Sur. We're staying near Pfieffer beach and I'll be flying out from the east coast and not too interested in taking my board over with me

    Anyone know of any surfshops near big sur where I can either rent or buy used?


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    Try On The Beach Surf Shop or Sunshine Surf Shop. They are both in Monterey so check them out before you head down the coast.

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    monterey (north of big sur) or morro bay (south) are your best bets. nothing at all in big sur as far as surf shops.

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    Beautiful area. Spent some time there. Don't know the local surf shops though. Enjoy your trip. Check out Pt. Lobos and the Monterey Bay Aquarium if you get the chance.

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    No wax, no nothin for miles, stock up with what you need before you hit the road.

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    Your question begs the question... are you arriving from the north (San Francisco Bay area) or the south (LAX, Santa Barbara...)? There are NO shops in Big Sur proper... and it is not a quick drive from one end to the other.

    And take plenty of rubber!