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Jesus dude are you a 15 year old girl? This is an obvious "give me attention moremoremore" cry for help. Starting from the first thing you posted in the thread till now. "I had no idea someone would say they liked me how unexpected!"

You are exactly what a "semi functional troll" is expected to be. Typical A-hole posts to hide the fact that you really are looking for friends and are hoping to seem cool and liked by a community of people you will never actually meet or be a part of in real life.
Um no not even close. I truley thought that no one would give two craps if I left and also figured this thread would get locked and deleted by the admin/mod. As I stated the posting of my PM was simply to bring to light if I did get banned how it went down with ECswells.

Sly if I was a troll why would I hang around here for the past 4 years and post next to nothing when you have been here for 1 and have a higher per day post count than I do? Also as is obvious by my thinking no one would care if I left I have never been here to make firends, I have angered and pissed of 75% or more of this froum and have never professed to be cool, but yes I have made a few chuuums here. Sly you seem like the troll trying to start an argument here with me.

Just so Sly and everyone else here know I'm not trying to be cool or hip:

I'm a 38 year old commercial insurance producer. I have a wife and 8 year old son. I drive a boring white 2007 Honda Accord. I wear slacks and button down shirts 5 days a week. When not working I go surf when NC has waves and I can get away (I live 2 hours inland) play golf, guitar and do work around the house and yard. Most nights after putting the kid to bed my wife and I watch How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory or Firends re runs. So if anyone was under the assumption I was cool or hip then you were way off!

Oh and Sly the you guys really like me line was a half assed attempt at humor based on Sally Fields 1985 Oscar speech which I'm guessing since you sound like a prepubescent teen, you could not have even been alive to hear.