Hello All,

This hasn't been an issue up until now, but I officially bit the bullet and bought a longboard. In a related story, the convenience of walking out my door and surfing is no longer a reality and I have about 120 miles of interstate to get there now.

So that leads me to my current dilemma. I don't want to drop $200-$300 on a roof rack and also don't want to use the cheap ones. The vehicle in question is a 2002 Ford Explorer. It has the racks that run the length of the roof but not the ones that go across (hopefully that makes sense). Obviously I need two padded racks going across and plan to use ratchet straps to secure the board(s). I have a shop full of woodworking tools and access to welding equipment at work.

Have any of you built anything like this? If so I'm all ears. Thanks for your suggestions.