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    Board left behind, stays behind?

    How much time does it take till a board left at your house becomes yours?

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    unless you have an agreement or the person is paying you rent for storage, it's yours as soon as he/she leaves it.

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    There was a thread about this I think a year ago on here but may have been on Sways. The consensus was 6 months to a year I think. I would say unless the owner gave you a time frame like gotta leave my board but I'll be back in a week or whatever then yeah Waterbaby's right it's yours!

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    Depends on the circumstances. Why was it left at your place? Do you know the owner or know who the owner is, and have you tried contacting the person either directly or through a friend? Does the owner know that you have the board? If after all that and a couple months have passed, the owner knows you have it, isn't in the hospital or out of the country, and hasn't bothered to come get it, I guess it's yours. What may happen is that the owner will then appear at your door wanting his board back

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    its been 3 years...was a friend...dropped off face of the earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuggernuts View Post
    its been 3 years...was a friend...dropped off face of the earth.
    You can't communicate with the person?

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    3 years... possession = 9/10 blah blah...
    Ride it like it's your own, but if he ever claims it, you'll have to give it up.

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    In Va. you could eminent domain it for the good of the household.

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    After 3 years he aint coming back for it, hope he's still alive

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    If you want to use it, use it... If you want to sell it, sell it... If he comes back for it give him the board or the money. Unless you don't like him. Them just tell him he's screwed