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    So I paddled out on my longboard this afternoon, it was about a foot, so I paddled down the beach for a workout, and caught a few ankle slappers. The last wave, on the way back, I took off, did a full drop knee bottom turn, angled down the line, got into deep crouch( and as I was dreaming of Angola) and shot down the line. At the end as I approached the beach I stood up tall and started flapping my arms like a bird. As I got out of the water I saw two tourist ladies actually giving me applause. I was totally embarrassed, but I owe it to this thread for being so painfully aware of how much of a surf dork I am. Can't wait to try some new dork maneuvers. Thanks all for keeping the ideas flowing, so to speak.

    I just had a vision of this guy.

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    UGHHH! :(
    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Not to change the topic but this poor kid is getting some bad advice on how to make a name for yourself. Calling out a legend cause you weren't invited to a longboard contest that 90% of the surf community doesn't care about? Give me a break. Yes, he can surf, but he is still a bigger kook than me in life. Nice top hat though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Atom View Post
    This is great. I really like the use of the term "surfing boards".

    The Tim Te-bro cranking out push ups on the beach made me laugh my buns off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Thanks for the inspirational, aspirational video. The great ones make it look so easy, and so goofy at the same time. Keep on razzing ole Yankee, Mr. Clem, I think he needs a hug and a toke.