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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    i have a group of my brother's kids and their friends coming in on Friday to learn to surf. Bout 20 in all. we are thinking about hitting camden. where are the best spots?
    GSP North........AC Expressway West.........ACE turns into RT 42........keep right as you approach the 295 interchange. Don't take 295 just keep right. As you approach the cities, bear right onto 676(Left takes you over the Walt Whitman and into waves in Philly)

    Take the last exit off 676, right before the Ben Franklin Bridge, Go straight at the first light..........

    You'll be in the Northside, deemed by some study as the most violent neighborhood in the country. Lock your doors. However, they'll think you're there for open commerse so they won't mess with you. You and your type are the only economic stimulant in the entire city.

    Drive a few blocks until you hit State St........Make a left and use your turn signal. Keep going down State St until you near the Delaware. Make a right when you can't go any further. Look for remains of the old State Penitentary. Find a place to park. Enjoy. This part of North Camden is kind of like a no man's land(eriely vacant) so you should be ok. Watch out for scrappers(as in metal for profit).

    Celebrate your post session at 3rd & Erie..........or ax a chickenhead who has the banging nice and buy her one.........Kick her out right after, don't let her get comfortable....she might not leave.

    If that place ain't doing it, but a lot of beer, practice your Spanish, and get back onto State St. heading the way you came. Make a left(use your turn signal) at 5th St. Continue on 5th St until you enter Pyne Point Park. Should be mucho Celebration going on ...oh wait that's on Saturdays......anyways drive to end of the park and the ocean/river will be right there. There's some woodsy adventure because you have to walk by a few bushes and trees.........Ignore the dudes smoking rock on the benches......

    When I think you are ready I'll tell you aboot the secret spot on the south side.

    Good Luck.

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    im not worried about it being crowed at all. it never is this time of the year

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakhunter View Post
    im not worried about it being crowed at all. it never is this time of the year
    You have obviously never been to Camden.

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    Some chest high sets rolling in and I can't have them, i'm sad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    i am surfed out...hope everyone in the Cape Fear crew got some today coz it was a lot of fun. surfed both ends of CB and probably got more waves today than the whole summer combined. not epic, but really fun.
    I didn't know you went both ways! I'm joking, Hanna. I'm glad you scored some fun ones today!

    The waves looked super fun when I got up this morning, but I didn't make the paddle. Hopefully I can still catch a few nugz after work, before the low tide/south wind combo just kills it. I've got my eyes on the cam for now.

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    Fun in WB this AM but a little dumpy and really shallow at the low tide, might try it again this afternoon. The moon jellies are starting to show up, close your eyes when you duckdive.

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    I realize we have some tropical energy out there right now, but has anyone taken a look at the forecast for next week in Hatteras? That other site that rhymes with Purfpine has next Friday through Wednesday as double to triple overhead. No way in hell that Humberto will supply that much swell.