I think the surfing community needs to reel in the shops renting boards and teaching lessons a bit because these morons pose a threat on crowded days. Some common concerns and requests:<br /><br /><br />Shops that provide people renting boards/suits need to also hand out etiquette sheets explaining the rules of the sea, AND work with towns/states to post signs at the beach. I like the ones with visual assistance to help renters unfamiliar with common terminology. Any of these are useful, but I prefer Manly's (NSW AUS) or Spunky's Surf Shop's sign in Costa Rica. Explain these rules to people when they are signing stuff out. There is limited coastline and when a swimmer gets tanked by a weekender on a Bic, thats whats going to get the local folks aggro and limit surfing areas, make 9-5 rules, etc. I understand that shops run a business and it could scare away potential renters---big picture though: losing surfing access is worse for business. <br /><br /><br />I especially like ESPECIALLY the \"Hold on to your board\" one. On numerous occasions I have had to instruct (read: scold) (read: intimidate) young girls in small groups that their boards were not accessories and that they were being a hazard. <br /><br /><br />Also, surf school instructors need to show a little respect. On a weak crowded weekend day this summer, I had a boy band looking surf school instructor push some dude in front of me and cut me off several times. Despite staring him down and eventually targeting his client until he moved, it would be nice if these folks had some etiquette of their own. I understand you have a commitment to your customer, but your customer doesn't need to be at the best spot on the bar, as he is riding straight in with little skill. He doesn't appreciate the patch of wave you are providing him, and he is going to become scared of me and my aggression towards him. Move down and free up my lefts.<br /><br />Surfer's surf shops (read: not touristy money makers) should really take the lead and be handing these sheets out.<br /><br /><br /><br />sign1.jpgsign2.jpgsign3.jpg